How To Buy A House With Little Down And No Bank Qualifying (continued)

Most of our houses are available to move into right away. You won't have to wait for bank approval for a loan to move in. Imagine being able to move into the home you will own without going through the frustration of dealing with a seller that wants everything contingent on their situation instead of yours. What if their deal falls through and you already scheduled the moving van, mail forwarding, utilities changed over, notifying your landlord, taking off work to make the deal happen--the list goes on.

Our rent to own programs make buying easy. You can enjoy peace of mind having a solid move in date. There are no last minute lender requirements to stop you. You can start enjoying your new home even if you're still raising more money to put down towards your future purchase.You'll have breathing room and no pressure.

What if I don't qualify for a bank loan?
That's not a problem. Many people have bad credit either from late pays to bankruptcy to foreclosures. Some people don't qualify for a bank loan because they are self-employed or haven't been in their current job for 2 years or more. Maybe you don't have enough money for a bank down payment or your debt ratios are too high. Whatever the problem, we can work with you and a mortgage broker to get you into permanent financing usually within 12 -24 months.

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