How To Buy A House With Little Down And No Bank Qualifying (continued)

Do you want to trade repairs for equity or down payment? Do you enjoy working on your home? From time to time we come across a home that needs TLC. If you have time, skills or materials you may qualify for one of our "fixer-uppers" in trade for "sweat equity." These homes may not look like much, but with a little work they can become the beautiful homes they once were. These homes move quickly, so if you want one of these, don't delay when you see one on our list. NO Waiting required! Best of all--you don't have to wait! A lot of people wait to buy a home because they think they have to save more money for the down payment. We work with smaller down payments than the banks require. Don't keep throwing away your money on rent. All you'll have to show for it is a bunch of rent receipts. When you own a home of your own you have more freedom and the pride that comes with home ownership.You deserve to live better. Let us help you improve your lifestyle today! Stop putting up with uncooperative landlords. Stop getting by in a house that's too hard to maintain. And stop spending your hard earned money on rent.

You too can own the American Dream. Some people will never achieve it but, it's within your grasp. Let us help you buy a nice home sooner than you expected. We can put the keys to your home into your hand today. Join our Buyer's list today. If one of the homes we have under ourĀ  Current Properties List doesn't meet your needs, we'll keep looking until we find one that does. You can also listen to our current listings at 719-636-0083. Don't put it off another day--You deserve a home of your own!

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